Nothing is more Important

We hand-pick our teachers based on a rigorous and strict selection process. We believe teaching to be a sacred profession and to be the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). So the criteria to be one of our elite teachers is:

  • To be phenomenal at teaching
  • For them to understand the immense responsibility on their shoulders
  • To be passionate about their job and students

As long as the above criteria are met, a teacher’s fame, brand name and profitability are of little concern to us. So you can rest assured that you our teachers are exceptional at their job.
Our teachers understand the modern education system and so, using their experience and skills, focus on the application of knowledge rather than only learning subject matter (ratta). They help you achieve good grades and prepare for the upcoming challenges of professional life.


No More Than 15 Students per Class

Each student is unique with different strengths and weaknesses. So each individual needs attention and support catering to their unique personality and needs. This is our core belief at JKCoach.
Other institutions have double or even three times the students cramped in classrooms. While we, to ensure we can meet our goal of delivering quality education, have no more than 15 students per class.
This creates a perfect learning atmosphere, where you can discuss your questions with our qualified and trained teachers and get help with the challenges you are facing . Not only that, you will make new friends. Making it better than even expensive private tuitions.


Because Time is Value

Each class is 1 hr 30 mins long, with 3 classes held every week. This is 50% more than what excellent teachers provide. Meaning a student gets 18 hrs of quality coaching time compared to only 12 hrs provided elsewhere.

This will ensure ample time to cover an entire course for a subject. We will make the best use of this time so you thoroughly understand the
knowledge gained to be able to
apply it.

And this duration, in line with scientific research, is optimal to get the best performance out of you, without burning out. We know excess study
only leads to deteriorating


Be a part of JKCoach, be a part of the revolution

This is only the first step by JKCoach to establish its presence in Pakistan, with our first branch in a small establishment, in an area that needs a quality education support system.
JKCoach is a global brand and we are proudly based in the UK, the heart of quality education. We at JKCoach plan to change the face of the education system in Pakistan but one milestone at a time, starting with coaching and tuitions. We plan to move onto the wider education system and then to careers and business services. We aim to focus on career and personal development and growth, to help shape a successful youth of the future that can compete globally while being a positive force to the society. Our services will be aimed at everyone – students, professionals, businesses and sole traders. And as a part of JKCoach from now, you will benefit from our future plans and services.