Everyone needs help at some point in time

Life is tough and there's no doubt about it. We haven't come across a single person in our collective experience that did not need a supporting hand at some point in their lives. And we aren't afraid or ashamed to admit, this includes all of us as well. The best thing to do when we need a bit of help is to be honest with ourselves and simply reach out to get it.
Our life coaches have led many to success over the years. We have helped numerous individuals achieve their full potentials.

We will work with you to resolve questions like

What is the meaning of existence?
I have so much potential but I don't know how to harness it?
What is happines? I want to be happy and achieve inner peace?
I want to be more confident about myself but how?
How do I fix my current relationship with my family or loved one?
How do I get people to trust me and respect me?
I you want to be a better human being but I am not sure how?
How do I get rid of my pain?
Who can I share my secrets with so I can feel better?

Our beliefs influence our actions

We are all here for a reason or is it all just a coincidence - there are many theories out there claiming to be the truth, the ultimate source of guidance. If you want a positive change in your life, then we can help. We feel what matters is your personal truth i.e what you believe in. These beliefs are extremely important as they shape us to be who we are. They influence our actions and how we behave in response to our environment. Our precious, and often challenging relationships are also a part of this environment. Don't forget our relationship with ourselves.
Our beliefs are in turn driven by countless factors surrounding us, mostly without us consciously knowing it. So if we aren't careful, before we know it, our beliefs get affected and life starts getting tougher than it has to be.

Our life coaching philosophy

Our philosophy is 'we are who we choose to be' AND that 'everything is possible'. We believe the key ingredients to successfully achieve any goal(s) in our lives are through the mind, body and soul working in together AND effectively. We have helped numerous clients achieve happiness through:
- identifying issues that stop the mind, body and soul from working together effectively
- providing tools to help tackle the identified issues and/or challenges so all these elements start supporting each other
- identifying goals and dreams for the individual and providing support and guidance to achieve them
Our experts also have significant knowledge and experience in physical and health training to help with the above and aid in your life coaching eperience with us.

Life Coaching Services

ur life coaching services includes everything you need to achieve your goals in life. Our services have helped many individuals achieve what they initially thought impossible. In fact, most of them weren't even aware of the underlying causes of unhappiness in their lives. We have helped countless people achieve peace and happiness in life - this includes senior executives.
If something is bothering you in life or you can relate to any of the above, then get in touch for a
free consultation. We will work with you to:
-discuss your situation and how we may be able to help
-discuss your values, beliefs and motivations along with your strengths and weaknesses
-help you identify the underlying causes that we refer to as 'real issues' and set suitable goals to achieve a lasting change
-find ways to overcome barriers and setbacks in your life
-helping chalk out an action plan breaking down your goals into small, attainable steps
-support you to stay motivated and committed

You Can Choose From One Of Our Three Packages


This package is for you if you prefer a pay-as-you-go option. You will receive 2 hours each time you order this package.


This package provides 20 hours of coaching and support. We will provide ongoing support to ensure we help you achieve the goals we have set together. The package must be used within 6 months.


This package provides the best value for money as it provides continuous support over an entire year to achieve a lasting, positive change in your life resulting in happiness and success. The coaching under this package is capped at 100 hours for the year. We believe this will be sufficient for the entire year to support you in achieving all your goals that we identify and agree to work on together.


What You Pay

You pay £75 per hour


What You Pay

You pay £1,400


What You Pay

You pay £6,000

Money-back Guarantee

Our life coaching services also come with a money-back guarantee if it is your first time working with us.

Get in touch now for a FREE, no obligation consultation to discuss the particulars of your situations and how we can help.

*Please note that any information provided above or any other part of this website does not constitute an agreement of any kind. To reach an agreement, the client must sign an agreement with JKCoach stating clearly all terms applicable to the agreement.