Our career coaches have experince of competing firms

Our experienced career coaches have previously worked for other career coaching firms providing us with unique insights into the competition and the job market.

We help you stand out without using any generic advice or templates

As each person and their situation is unique, so are one’s strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, we treat you as an individual with the first step of the process to get to know you better along with your strengths and weaknesses. Following this, we will prepare you, mentor you and guide you through every stage of the hiring process making certain you stand out from the crowd - and no, we don’t use any pre-prepared advice or templates. As a result, working with us, you are guaranteed to secure a job offer.

Achieve your long term ambitions

Our career coaching services can help you shortlist careers based on your profile analysis to identify careers where you are more likely to excel while being true to yourself and your ambitions. This will ensure you are happy - we believe a successful career means ensuring you opt for a career that meets all your values and helps you achieve your long term ambitions.

Invest in your future now to earn significantly more

We believe our in-depth experience of recruitment processes and career coaching combined with our market knowledge and our network will significantly increase your chances to:
- start earning sooner in a job you deserve
- receive a higher starting salary e.g we help you recognize and leverage your experience OR help you secure higher paying jobs like actuarial
- increase your annual earnings at a faster rate because you excel at your job. With our help you choose the right career path, ensuring long term success. As a result, your pay increases at a significantly faster rate than otherwise. Our clients have reported pay rises of 10% to over a 100% more compared to before. Over a career of say 40 years, that is a lot of money.

All in One Career Coaching

Our all-in-one package is the most effective career coaching package we offer. It is simple to understand, completely hassle free and transparent with no hidden fees.

This package will ensure you achieve your dream job, increasing your earning potential significantly for a fraction of the cost (see below for details).

The package includes everything you need to secure a job offer. The services included are as follows:

  • Profile analysis, including identification of your motivations and values, your strengths and
  • Identifying career opportunities based on your profile analysis
  • Career coaching and guidance, including helping with a plan of action, identifying reasons for any past failures and rectifying them to achieve success
  • Advice and review of ALL your:
    • tailored CVs
    • job specific cover letters
    • application forms
  • Interview preparation and coaching for each interview we help you secure
  • Providing any additional support you need, including motivational support

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What You Pay

You have two options to pay:

  1. Upfront: You pay £3,250 upfront.
  2. Instalment: You pay in 2 instalments.
    • Instalment 1: £1,500 upfront.
    • Instalment 2: 10% of your first year’s gross annual salary. Th remaining fee of 10% of your first year’s gross annual salary will be payable when you receive a job offer.

Our fees are tiny compared to benefits gained over the course of a life-time

Our fees may seem high but it is significantly lower than our competitors. Not only that, given one's career usually spans 40 years of one's life - with our help you get a better career paying more and you land a job quicker without wasting any time. As a result, our fees are outweighed by the benefits of a more successful career spanning your entire life.

Different options to pay to better suit you

We guarantee our commitment to you from start to finish. As a result, we are happy to offer two options offering more flexibility. The upfront option is cheaper than the instalment option but the latter offers you a peace of mind.

Money-back Guarantee

If, for whatever reason, you do not receive a job offer within 6 months from the date we start working together, we will return your money only keeping £250 to cover our administration costs.

Our all-in-one package is better value for money if you need significant support AND comes with our money-back guarantee. However, please refer to our Flexible Coaching if you want support in only specific areas.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Flexible Career Coaching

Get career coaching specific to your needs

Our flexible career coaching is for you if you need career coaching in only specific areas so you have the best chance to secure your dream job. So you get the support you need, where you need it and when you need it. We aim to cover as much as possible when working with you so you get the most value out of our coaching services.

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Our flexible career coaching services include:

Profile analysis

Includes a detailed discussion with the aim to investigate your motivations, values and beliefs, interests, aims and ambitions along with your strengths and weaknesses. This is followed by a recommendation of the brief generic career area suited to you based on your profile analysis.

Everything around us, including media, our peers, our family, continuously have an impact on us and our thinking. Over a long period of time, such influences can make it difficult to talk to ourselves and understand what we actually want. We may feel we want something but on achieving it still not be satisfied. With an important decision like your future career, potentially spanning the next 40 years or more of your life, we recommend doing everything in your power to ensure you are making the right decision. A decision that will lead to true happiness over the long term. Our aim with profile analysis is to help you make that decision. And an added bonus – given one of the aims is to ensure your future career choice is aligned with your strengths, you will excel at it leading to additional financial rewards (higher income, quicker progression).

Identifying career opportunities

Includes researching and recommending career opportunities currently out there. We use our market knowledge, network and research to identify opportunities that you may not be able to find otherwise. The recommended career opportunities will be either based on your preferred career area (e.g. actuarial, banking) OR on the results of your profile analysis (if you have taken this service before).

Review of your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Includes reviewing your CV with the aim to identify any errors and giving recommendations on how to improve it. If you are applying for a specific job, we will take this into account to ensure your CV is appropriately tailored to maximize your chances of success. We will also aim to proofread your CV once you have made the amendments.

Review of your cover letter

Includes reviewing your generic and/or job-specific cover letter to identify any errors and giving recommendations on how to improve it. Like your CV, your cover letter must be tailored for each job application to focus on your strengths for each role so that the employer understands why you are right for the role compared to all the other applicants. We will also aim to proofread your cover letter once you have made the amendments.

Review of an application form

Includes reviewing a job application form. Our review will be focused on ensuring there are no mistales on the application and provide you with suggestions on how to improve your answers, especially to non-standard, essay-type questions. Often companies use online application forms instead of CVs in their recruitment process. Using a standardized application form allows them to better compare all the applicants while focusing on the competencies and areas important to them and specific to the role.

Interview preparation and coaching

Research suggests interviewers can ‘size up’ people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes. As a result, it is vital you make a good first impression and carry that through the interview to be able secure a job offer or get through to the next stage in the recruitment process. With this service, our experts will prepare you for the toughest of interviews. So you walk into your interview fully prepared and feeling confident. We use our vast interview coaching experience, provide unique tips and guidance, undertake mock interviews with you and provide answers to all your questions. This ensures you build a rapport with the interviewer and raises your chances of success significantly.

Career change

Are unhappy in your current job. This can be due to various reasons e.g. the culture of the Company. Changing careers is not only scary for most, but often seems like an impossible task. But we can help! We work with you to identify the reasons for your dissatisfaction with your current job, do a profile analysis to identify suitable careers. Following this, we will help you draft a plan of action on how to tackle such a drastic but an important change in your life AND provide you with all the support you need to accomplish your goals.

Career coaching and guidance

Includes providing general career counseling and support in any area not listed above. This service can be used to receive any form of coaching, support or counseling that you need – it can help you need to draw a plan of action for a career area you want to pursue OR investigate with you reasons for not being able to secure any interviews so far OR simply bounce off ideas with us.

What You Pay

You have two options to pay:

You pay £75 per hour for our flexible career coaching services. However, if you order more than one service, we offer
discounts and, if you prefer, can also provide a fixed quote for the services you need.

Money-back Guarantee

our flexible career coaching services also comes with a money-back guarantee if it is your first time working with us.

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