Business Coaching Services

Due to popular demand from our clients and having in-house skills, we now offer business services to businesses, primarliy aimed at smaller businesses, startups and sole traders. This is particularly because professional services firms and management consultancies provide such services at rates that are only affordable for large organisations. So now you have access to business services, combined with our vast experience at competitive rates. Our services will help your business effectively tackle any challenges achieving the outcomes you desire.

Modeling, analysis, and advice

We have experts who have worked in this area for large organisations (including FTSE100 and FTSE250 companies of up to £5 billion). So we have the technical skills and the business acumen to undertake any analysis you need, build any type of models to meet your requirements and provide advice based on this. Again, we tailor our approach based on your needs - we can help you every step of the way OR just provide assistance where it is most required e.g. just building models and handing them over to you. We can build one-off models to provide solutions to your business issues OR models that can be used by you on a day-to-day basis to run your business. Some examples of the advice we have provided and models we have built to help our clients include:

  • Financial models:
    Financial models can be of many type and are primarily used to model the financial aspect of a business. This can include forecasted financial statements to look at costs and profitability, cashflow and funding requirements, cost reduction analysis, profitability dependencies and so on.
  • Business models:
    This is in some ways similar to financial models (described above) but focuses on building a complete picture of a business from the ground up. We work with you to understand the drivers of costs, profits and cashflows and then build the business model that can feed into your business strategy and a business plan. As a result, this is often needed for start-ups and new businesses or a new product.
  • Risk and scenario analysis:
    This analysis is focused on considering risk within a business and reducing it by way of estimating the probability of the risk happening, the potential impact of it and using generated scenarios to consider the overall impact on the business. More complex modeling involves looking at stochastic models and Value at Risk (VaR) type analysis but this is usually more appropriate for larger businesses and financial instruments.
  • Option selection:
    During the course of business or if you are a start-up, you may be faced with many different options when making a decision e.g. which industry to target, which of the available options to invest in and so on. These can be modeled e.g. using probability theory or expected net present value type analysis to help better inform such decision
  • Databases:
    These are primarily to record data and be able to better monitor the performance of your business and opportunities. In the present day, fast paced world, data is key to success.

We can help you with your business strategy – whether that means you need an external opinion or create one with you if you don’t have one. We can help set governance structures.

Competitor or Industry Research

We can undertake competitor or industry research for you with the aim to give you insight and the edge your business needs. It will give you the ability to make better decisions in order to outperform your competitors or potential competitors.

Business Development and Marketing

We have experts that can help you build your brand leading to more customers and higher revenues. We can help you create a brand strategy, focusing on building the brand image you want, develop and implement a business development strategy and design marketing campaigns.


We love to work with start-ups or individuals with new ideas. It really excites us to be a part of new concepts that don’t exist in the market keeping us on our toes while learning continuously. Our experts have helped start-ups to bring their visions to life. We will work with you to suggest the best route for your business keeping in mind your goals, the product or services you are targetting to offer, the funds you have, the type of customers you want to target and so on. We offer all the services listed here that are relevant to your business needs alongside helping you make a business plan for investors and/or support you with your crowdfunding project.

Product Design

We have designers (and engineers) that can help you create stunning product designs based on your ideas OR use your designs and help you convert them into a reality. The focus is on creating product designs that are not only attractive but are also functional and commercially viable. We can help you create 3D renders of the designs, refine the specifications to make the prototype or manufacture ready. We can also help you prototype them or use our contacts to get the end-product manufactured.

Project and/or stakeholder management

We can manage any projects that you are running within your business to ensure timely and successful delivery. This can include different change and transformation projects with different stakeholders that need to be managed effectively while having access to the support they need. We have project managers with experience of different businesses in various industries working with senior management executives.

These are primarily to record data and be able to better monitor the performance of your business and opportunities. In the present day, fast paced world, data is key to success.

What You Pay

We are happy to be flexible with our fee structures to better suit your needs. Our fee structures include:
– working on an hourly
– working on a day rate basis<
– fixed quote for the services you need
– equity basis, in certain circumstances only

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